I have loved Star Wars since I was young. Back in 2005, I bought a Master Replica FX Anakin Lightsaber after Episode II was released. We were at the Star Wars convention in Indianapolis, IN. After a while I learned how to upgrade my cherished Master Replica Anakin FX Lightsaber with a better LED, and very much enjoyed it.

In 2011 I started researching Lightsabers, what was available as well as how to create and upgrade light sabers. To fund my further endeavors in creating Lightsabers, I started to sell my creations, however soon I realized that many people were interested in buying high end Lightsabers. I became a FX Saber Forum member and soon I was part of the wonderful Star Wars community!


My experience in the saber business was the major factor in me starting my own website “Darthvix Custom Sabers”. I offer great service, reliability, and communication for all the saber enthusiasts out there.


Please go ahead and browse my past completed and current projects in my Gallery page.


A little bit about DV Custom Sabers

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