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Completed Builds
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Future Builds

1) JK Starkiller- CF5, Tri, Crystal Chamber

2) One Replica Ki-Adi Mundi- CF6, CEX, RGGB, 10Seg Bargaph, Lighted Accent Switches(Completed)

3) One Replica Adi Gallia- CF6, 10Seg Bargraph, RGGB, CEX, Lighted Accent Switches(Completed)

4) Rebellion Jacen Solo Hilt- CF6, 3.7V hack, Tri Rebel, Green and Red Accents(Completed)

5) Custom Krayt Saber- CF7, CEX, RGRb, RGB Crysal Chamber, Bone Grip, 7 Segment Multi Bargraph(Completed)

6)JQ Luke Hero- Lighted Accents, Tri Rebel GG-Ro, Rice Port, CF7 (Completed)

7)LDM MHS Luke V2- Upgrade w/ CF6, RGGB, 2W (Completed)

8)Rebellion Kotor- Custom PC, CF6, CEX, 2W, 7Segment Bargraph(Completed)

9)GCS:Corran Horn- Upgrade, CF7, CEX, 3Seg Bargraph, Rice, RGB Crystal Chamber (Completed)

10)GCS:Custom Ascend- CF6, CEX, RGGB, 2W, 7Seg Blue Bargraph, Dark Side PC (Completed)

11)GCS:Custom Ascend- CF6, CEX, RGGB, 2W, 7Seg Green Bargraph, Custom Copper PC (Completed)

12)GCS:Custom Ascend- CF6, CEX, RGGB, 2W, 7Seg Multi Bargraph, Hoth-Style PC (Completed)

13)JK Mara Jade- CF6, CEX, RGGB, 1.5W Premium (Completed)

14) VV Havoc(In Progress)

15) Jacen Solo (Waiting for Soundboard/LED)

16)Rahm Kota Hilt with CF7.5, Cex

17) One Replica Ki-Adi Mundi with Cf7.5, Cex, functional 10 segment bargraph.


1) Solo Hold Shoto Ahsoka w/ Prizm, Tri Cree RGB LED, 5mm RGB for Crystal

2) Solo Hold Shien Ahosoka w/ Prizm, Tri Cree RGB LED, 5mm RGB for Crystal

3) Graflex Replica w/ Crystal Chamber, 3D Chassis, Tri Cree RGB LED, 5mm RGB for Crystal

4) Rebellion Kotor Saber, parts undecided

1) 2x Romans Graflex Replica ESB and TFA version

2) Solo Hold Kanan Saber

3) Solo Hold Luke V2

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